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What would you do??

Something is bothering me I saw on TV yesterday. After a long weekend and Monday night I decided to take the day off yesterday, sleep in, work on my pool game and watch a little tv and relax.
One of my favorite types of shows is the “Caught on Tape”, Cop’s, or “Most Dangerous, or Shocking” types. Yesterday was one of the Most dangerous caught on tape types showing the chases, or robberies, ect. Often while watching these situations, I have to ask myself, “what would I do?” Especially if I were carrying my CCW.

Ok, so here’s the situation……… It’s a small pizza (think pizza hut lobby or smaller) restaurant with the video camera focused on the very small lobby area. There are probably two lines of people waiting with 4-5 people in each line. The lobby is full for the most part. A large lady walks in and walks to the front of the first line, skipping everyone, waiting to be helped. A man behind her is on his cell phone, and is overheard by the lady talking about her cutting in front of the line. The lady gets irate on the man, cussing him out and even poking him in the face with her finger. Manager tells her ro leave. Woman switches attention to manager and winds up spitting in his face.
The man never makes any kind of reaction towards her and basically ignores. Woman stickers her head out the door and yells to boyfriend. Boyfriend comes in and is a 350lb convicted X felon on drug charges. After Boyfriend finds out who she’s really mad at and out of the blue swings a tree trunk at the mans face and of course he goes down. It doesn’t stop there. Thug continues to pick the guy up and fire again and again into the mans face. Man winds up with concussion, broken eye socket and looked really messed up. The entire waiting room never moved a muscle. There were I would guess at least 5-7 men including staff at least. A few other women. No one lifted a finger….

This was not the only situation that makes me wonder “what would you do”, but this one stuck with me more than any yesterday and today.

What would you do…………
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