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I'm still on the fence about OC,,,

I'm still on the fence about OC,,,
In that I don't know if I will ever OC.

But I will agree that the jerks who OC and bait an LEO confrontation,,,
Are hurting the entire RKBA cause with their actions.

Oklahoma will be an OC state come this November the 1st,,,
My great sigh of relief is that accidental brandishing is a thing of the past.

All of my non-carrying friends simply assume,,,
That I will strap on my biggest pistol and dive right into OC,,,
I am definitely not going to strap on my full size CZ and walk around town.

The only place I know I am carrying openly is the river,,,
When I go down there to collect my driftwood,,,
I want my snake-gun to be more accessible.

I will change to a more comfortable carry holster,,,
I'll still keep it concealed by a shirt or coat,,,
But now I won't worry about printing.


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