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Sidelock information I could use

I have been reading about sidelocks and gathering what I can about the many types out there, mostly about the production percussion models. It seems that the Great Plains Rifle is the solid choice as the top recommended. The CVA line looks like the way to get into it without committing a load of funds. But all over the middle is the Thompson Center line of rifles.

So, what is the real difference between Cherokee, Seneca, Hawken, Renegade, Cougar, etc? And I see a lot of barrels and stock/lock units sold separately. Are they interchangeable? It would seem nice to have a Renegade (for example) with a .54 rifled barrel and a .56 smoothbore barrel too.

And... what is the deal with the Senecas? The .45 Seneca seems to be the highest priced of them all.
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