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Focusing only on one thing you said that being you want to keep costs to a minimum. If you have a hack saw you can cut the bbl of your 870 yourself. So your cost would be nothing. Personally I would find a gunsmith to do it. For about $35-65 you should be able to find someone who will cut the bbl to 18" re-install the front bead and even thread the barrel for a screw in choke. You'll notice an interesting thing with 870 vent rib barrels. The front of 2 of the rib supports end at almost exactly 18" and 20". I had mine cut down at the 20" mark and use it not only for home protection but also for hunting. Many will argue that 20" isn't enough barrel length for a field gun, but personnaly I like it and have shot Ducks and other game with it. I also had a middle of the rib bead sight installed. I couln't believe how much of a difference this mid rib bead made in my shooting.



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