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i bought a sporterized Carcano with 3 enbloc clips at a gunshow about 3 years ago. i looked at it on the table and the price tag was 80$ this thing looked like it had been left in a wet ditch somewhere for years, not much rust but the stock looked like it was about to sprout leaves. i looked at the guy and asked if it worked. he said "i dunno" i said ill give ya 40$ if ya throw in that single round of 6.5 Carcano you have behind you. he said " DEAL!" i cleaned it up sanded down the stock and oiled the crap out of everything. some internal parts were missing in the clip retainer area so it was a single shot. my neighbor came over that evening and asked what i had got at the gunshow, i showed him that rifle. he said does it work? told him i have 1 round that im going to test it with the next day. he said if it didnt blow up he would buy it for 60$ i fifgured either i get to see $40 worth of Italian steel blow up or i make $20. Win win situation right? so we took it out to the desert strapped it to a table and tied a string to the trigger and hid behind a dirt bank......BANG! the rifle didn't blow up, and i made 20$ off the deal
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