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That's an old school method of tightening the slide to frame fit on a 1911. There's nothing wrong with it and smiths have been doing it for decades.
How many times can you do that to a frame/slide? Once? Twice? I plan on keeping all of my firearms for life. If this has to be done now, it means its one less time I could do this in the future.

Seems to me you bought a gun that you really didn't like as you already had reservations about SA to begin with.
Not at all. I searched for one for a few months, and finally tracked it down and paid full MSRP.

The turn around time estimate you got seems pretty damn good IMO considering all the insanity/demand currently. I know of a Glock that took over 6 months for a grip reduction...
Sorry my pics suck. Your Glock example is for custom work. One should expect to wait, as one bought the product with that in mind. My situation is to get a product that fell through the QC cracks repaired so it can pass a QC test.

I've had some time with a TRP Full railed operator and let me tell you Armory Kote (no offense to anyone) isn't much to get worked up over, isn't very pretty, durable, or special. It is easy to maintain and touch up. You bought a workin' mans gun IMO. Its built for use not looks. Kinda like complaining that the tree branches you thru in scratched your truck bed. If it really bothers you get a better coating to protect it. There are like a billion options.
This is a gun that's flawed from the factory. It is not just the finish- that is the sympton I found to see the frame was not properly machined. The slide/frame fit is the equivalent of the "square peg in the round hole." It's $1500 out the door. Would you buy a brand new truck at full sticker price that was keyed along the flanks because you planned on using it asa work truck? Really?
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