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Thanks Soilwork. I can't believe it had so many issues. I'm glad I never fired it. Regardless, I'm bummed about the situation, as it obviously lost a great bit of value. Will realigning the rails (I forgot the actual term) cause the gun to loosen up? And will they bend the slide on an angle to compensate? I've seen tightened pistols like that, where people have crushed them in a vise, and I will be pretty ****** if it looks that sloppy. Despite the few months it would take to acquire a new pistol permit, I'd prefer a new one, regardless of the cost or man hours.

She also mentioned that their repair department has been going crazy recently. Even though there has been a mass buying spree since Obama was re-elected, and the Sandy shooting, warranty and repairs should be residual. It should take at least a year for the increase in sales to catch up with the increase in repair work. This leads me to believe they've been rushing their product to market without an adequate QC in place.
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