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2/13/13 update

I emailed SA asking for an update. I received a phone a phone call from a nice woman who went over a few things with me. She said a tech has started working on it, but he is going to be out for a few days. They like to keep the same tech with the gun, so I should expect to get further clarity in about 10 days or so.

She said that if they can get it to work, I'll be getting the same gun back. The rails have to be adjusted or straightened or something, the frame and slide has to be refit, the grip safety has to be refit, and the thumb safety has to be refit. Then it will be refinished. I wonder how much integrity I'm going to lose here. Hopefully it's not like a car getting repaired after an accident where the frame was bent.

I asked her about the clandestine "Custom Shop" and the repair center. They are the same place, but work under a different hierarchy. They may or may not be the same techs. She wasn't sure.
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