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What your going to learn, or what you are running into... is the literal fact that Springfield and Springfields' custom shop... are generally two separate entities entirely almost.

What is pretty much happening is they will inspect your frame in the Repair shop... if it is that bad out of spec they will replace the frame.. if it can be fixed they will re-fit it, polish it, and refinish in the repair center.. and send it back free of charge... in approximately the quoted time.

I understand your point of if you wanted custom work done why refinish the gun in the first place... but you have to understand.. this isn't your local gun smith or even a small custom 1911 shop. They are a corporation... and they run it like one, that can be good and bad. They have that policy and return around time for the custom shop because they will be dealing with THOUSANDS of guns. Where as the "smiths" in the warranty repair center.. are no where near the smiths in the custom shop... and generally they probably don't let the two mix often.

I understand you want your issue fixed, and the work done at once, but really you must understand as a business stance... sometimes its not fisable dealing with the scale they work with, especially with EVERYONE in the industry on Red Alert at the moment. No custom shop would have the turn around time your asking for right now, generally speaking. My local 1911 smith is a GREAT guy.. but hes backed up 6 months at the month. So you should be lucky SA is even quoting a time frame at the moment.

However since you seem to hate the gun... I would take it off your hands for $500 if your interested, would go nice with my Champion Operator.

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