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I've done a good bit of research, and my conclusion is---- Garmin has A LOT to offer someone with a need for a GPS. It's kind of rediculous, really, but demand creates supply.

I've got my eye on the etrex 20 model right now. It has the ability to add a micro-sd card, extra maps and is pretty darn fairly priced, especially in comparison to the higher-end models.

I bought the e-trex and quickly found I had wasted my money. On water, or in flat terrain it will work to get you from point A to point B. But that is about it.
Did you have an etrex 10, or etrex h model maybe? The 20 and 30 models have the basemaps, and you can install 24k topo maps to them. Seems like you would be able to navigate terrain changes pretty well with a good topo map.
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