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Save yourself the trouble is you still have the cosmoline on the rifle. Take the metal off of the stock. Spray it with brake parts cleaner. A can cost $5 or less at the auto parts store, or automotive section in a Walmart.

Take the bolt apart and put it in basin with all the other part except the barrel. Hold the barrel facing down towards the basin. Spray in short busrst down the barrel. The spray will run down the barrel, and into the basin. Spray the outside with the cleaner over the basin. When you have used at least half of the can. Swish the parts in the basin around. Leave them in for the time being. Now Run an oiled patch down the barrel a few times. Then wipe the outside with oil. Stick it to the side. Now take the small parts out. Give them a good shake. The parts cleaner will dry quickly. When it dires wipe the parts with a generous coat of oil. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now wipe the excess off of the outside of the barrel and action. Run a couple of dry patches down the bore. Now wipe the parts with a clean dry cloth. Put them back together. Place the barrel action back on the stock with the screws. Replace the bolt.

Done. Takes less than a half hour for the cleaning everything up. Add a few more minutes if you do not know how to put the bolt back together. For that one youtube is your friend.

I just finished doing this with one not 20 minutes ago. (I now have bought 6 of them in the past 2 years. I gifted 3 to family. One to my wife. Two are mine.)
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