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...and the reason you would loose is when you as an employee found out your company had a 'no gun policy', you chose to stay.
I don't know if you've noticed, but the job market hasn't exactly been brimming with lucrative opportunities for most the last couple of years. Not everyone can turn down or leave a job because of a policy banning firearms.
Tom, with respect, I completely understand about the job market and it was not my intent to condemn anyone for having to work for an employer having 'no gun' policies. Apologies if it sounded that way.

My response was specific to(with emphasis on emboldened part) the question asked of Famas...

2-If you are in an establishment which forbids employees and/or customers from having CCWs, and a crime occurs which results in harm (or worse) to an employees and/or customers....does one not have the right to sue said establishment for infringing on the individual's constitutional right to self protection, despite company policy?

For clarification, you can sue your employer or a place of business in which your a patron for infringing on your constitutional rights for having a 'no gun' policy but you will not win cause even though you have to provide for your family or need to purchase certain things to live, you are still willfully going into these places whether as an employee or patron full knowing of the policy. Regardless of our needs we have for entering this place of employment/business or our thoughts/feelings of said establishments policies, the business is entitled to make their own policy.
If I choose to work for a company, while I'm there, I may not agree with all the company policies but have accepted them and am expected to conform to policies set forth by that company.

Far as my own thoughts on purchasing/shopping at a business with 'no gun' signs..
... I don't.

For commodity purchases and other personal business, my money doesn't go to establishments with the no gun signs.

If I need a certain item and I go to a store that carries that item and see the no gun sign at the door, it may be a little inconvenient, but well worth my time to find the item elsewhere. And taking the time to go in the anti-gun establishment and politely explaining to the owner or manager the reason for my purchase at his/her competitor rather then there is very important to me as well.

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