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If some of you guys were driving from Atlanta to Dallas you'd go through Pittsburg to get there. This ain't rocket science, stop making it harder than it has to be.

Trying to adjust after just one shot is an exercise in futility.
At 50 yards a 2nd or 3rd shot is a waste of time and ammo. At that range a 2nd or 3rd shot will either be through the same hole or no more than 1/4" from the 1st and tells you nothing. At 100 yards a 2nd or 3rd shot will be no more than 1/2"-1" from the first.

All you need is 1 bullet hole through a piece of paper. A sheet of poster board is $.30 at Walmart. Put up a BIG piece of 30 cent paper with a 1-2" circle drawn in the center with a marker. If you can bore sight fine. If not, it is almost impossible to miss a target that large at 50 yards. Fire 1 shot. Even if you're a foot from the bull it is OK. If possible measure the distance both vertically and horizontally. If not, estimate, count clicks and adjust your scope. I you have a half way decent scope and if your mesurements are right you will be within 1" of the 50 yard bull if you decide to shoot a 2nd shot at 50 yards.

I go straight to 100 yards for the 2nd shot, but if you're not comfortable with this then fire a 2nd shot at 50 yards and re-adjust if necessary. At 100 and 200 yards I just use a 9" paper plate with a 1" aiming point in the center. After fring once at 100 yards I adjust if necessary and fire my 3rd shot at 200 yards. I make no attempt to fine tune anything at closer ranges. My only goal is to get on paper at 200 yards and I can do that with 3 shots from any scope sighted rifle even if I can't look through the bore or without using a bore sight tool.

Only after I'm on paper at 200 yards do I start shooting groups and fine tuning my rifle. You can have a rifle zeroed at 200 yards in 15 minutes and with no more than 4-6 rounds of ammo.

Even if I don't plan on shooting at 200 yards I like to fine tune my scopes windage at that range. Your scope may appear to be perfect at 100, but small windage errrors often don't show up until you shoot at longer distances.
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