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The and 2 and the 7 refer to the power settings of the scope.

Look at the adjustments for windage and elevation, there should be an arrow on them. Those arrows indicate which way the aiming point will move when the adjustment is turned. It will usually be something like an arrow with an R or arrow with a U.

There may be some index marks on the scope or it may just be a friction adjustment.

Best advice is to look a lot and make one adjustment at a time.

Dial in the windage, then work on the elevation.

If you are shooting at 100 yards, I would start with moving the elevation up 4 clicks and shoot to see where the group goes.

I am betting you have .25 MOA clicks. Then I would give it about 16 clicks to the left and shoot some more.

Other option is call Leupold.

Is this gun new? Is the scope new?

If so, there should be some manuals to look through to help you along.

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