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Salty, nuttin' you said can be discounted... But on the note of over penetration, the same precautions should be taken whether the round is a beanbag LTL load, a 7 1/2 or any of the buck or slug loads...

Murphy and I are well acquainted and we ain't friends... He is out to get me I swear to god!

My luck, a plastic wad will sail through 2 layers of drywall and strike a loved one killin' them deader than heck... I am certain of this... I am not the luckiest fella and my X-Ray and hospital stay history bears this out.

The whole thing about know your target and what lays behind it is a statement I MUST adhere to with out waiver.

Since I will be following this code of conduct, the 00 and 7 1/2 have exactly equal chance of striking a loved one, NONE. My positioning of myself to deploy lethal force comes before my own safety as this is for the safety of my family...

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