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Yes it can be done. Before I got my .45 LC die set, I used the .45 ACP dies with a set of custom spacers made up so that the dies would not have to be constantly adjusted. I do the same, even today with .38 SPL. and .357 Mag. and .44 SPL and .44 Mags die sets. I believe RCBS even sells a set of spacer rings for the same purpose.
Measure the difference in length between the ACP and LC rounds. get a couple of washers with 3/4 inch holes. Place the washers between the die and the press. You may have to file one of the washers to make it the proper thickness. I made my sets of spacers from some delrin rings I came across. They do file a bit easier than steel washers, but I have no ideaas where you caould find a set of rings made of delrin. BTW. I've been using those rings for about 25 years, and they are still holding up.
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