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OK. A few things.

1) I'm as mad as anyone at politicians who want guns for themselves but not for us. BUT...

2) What has been posted here as a news report looks very much like it has been edited to add political commentary. If you have a link to the genuine article, post it. I'm tired of hearing people go on about politicians who distort the truth, but who then go right ahead and do it themselves. I could be wrong, but it sure looks like this article has been doctored.

3) Posting comments here about "typical hypocritical liberals" is way out of line. Apart from being against the rules of this forum, it is an insult to all the gun-owning liberals who share this forum with you, and to all the free-thinking people who resent having cheap hate-mongering shoved in their face. If you don't have the good manners and decency to show a little bit of respect to people who are actually on the same side as you, then I suggest you go join one of those less civilized forums where you can rant to your heart's content. I'm tired of hearing this talk about a "liberal elite" ruling over the "common man". Half the "elite" in this country are conservative, and half the common people are liberal. To suggest otherwise is to repeat ignorant conspiracy theories and we don't do that here either.
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