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Originally Posted by jimbob86
While not the fan of the .223 for deer that taylorce1 is, I can not agree with the above statement more.
I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the .223 for deer hunting, just that I have more respect for it than I did in the past after working with my daughter on her first hunt. My daughter has now moved into a used .250-3000 Savage custom Mini-Mauser rifle that my gunsmith built for his daughter and she has out grown. No luck on getting her to shoot full house 100 grain bullets yet but she tolerates 75-87 grain bullets well in the 3000+ fps range. It won't be long until the 100 grain bullets are slinging with the same kind of accuracy as the lighter weights. It is amazing what a few months of age, a good fitting rifle, and even more confidence can do.

Best thing is she is now CO legal for big game when she turns 12 in a couple of years. I doubt I'll let her take an elk with it but pronghorn and deer will certainly be on the menu. I'll probably put her in something like a 7mm-08, .260, 6.5X55, or .300 Savage when the elk hunt begins.
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