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I've been casting a long time and I've never smoked a mould. It is un-needed. Lee moulds work very well but there is a learning curve with aluminum moulds and with 4 to 6 cavity moulds. With proper casting technique the Lee moulds should give a good service life.

When my boolits are of a design that is prone to sticking (very squarish) then I run a little hotter and this helps with it, especially the Miha HP mould with the pins. With the 4 to 6 cav moulds you will want to preheat the mould and when you begin casting with it, only use the two cavities nearest the sprue cutter hinge for a few casts and then use the next two cavs and so forth. This seems to help bring the mould up to casting temperature easier than trying to begin filling all 6 cavs. and saves on handles too.
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