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Uberti Stallion 38 special loading issue

No, it's a colt clone, 4 clicks and all. No transfer bar safety like on my Ruger
vaquero. To load, it has to be on half cock (second click) with gate open. The safety is a second notch on the cylinder rod. When the cylinder rod is all the way in to the second notch, it sticks out the other end and blocks the hammer from reaching the firing pin.

Unfortunately when the cylinder is turned clockwise to the point where it won't turn counter clockwise, the hole doesn't line up with the gate and you can't load it.

Stoeger, the importer that is suppose to honor the warranty, says they are all like that and won't fix it. I don't believe them.

A local gun smith told me he can fix it by filing down the hand the turns the cylinder.
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