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Doc Hoy, here is some stories for you.

A guy took a barrel off from an old gun because he stuck the rod down the barrell, and determined it had a load in it. He was worried the load would rust out the barrell. He was inexperienced with firearms. He owned a torch. He put steel wool pads on his vise, and used the vise to hold the barrel while he attempted to use the torch to melt the bullet and pour it in liquid state out of the barrel. He did this in his garage. A neighbor came over to visit. The neighbor stood there talking in the garage while he is waving the torch over the barrel. The barrell got very hot and went BOOM. Either the heat set off the powder, or flame entered the touch hole. A lead bullet came out and hit the neighbor in the upper arm, blowing out meat and shattering the upper arm bone. The lead bullet was obviously not melted.

Some guys were holding a christmas party in someone's cabin in Tennessee. They built a mountain of a fire in the fireplace. There were some old cannon projectiles from the civil war days in that cabin. They stacked some of them up in the fire place to stop the burning wood stack from tumbling off of the grate. A little while after, there was an explosion in the fireplace. One man was killed by the flying debris or flak from the projectile entering his skull. Some say that he might have been the last person killed by a bonafide civil war produced munition. One of the cannon projectiles in the collection appeared to be hollow and filled with an explosive powder or black powder. The heat from the fire set it off.

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