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The only issue I see with your letter is the use of the term "grown-up". It sounds a little childish. I would have replaced it with adult.

Other than that your letter was well reasoned.

The response letter was full of code words that send off alarm bells for me.

I will support common sense reforms
This means bans on certain types of guns and further restrictions on the RKBA.

Gun owners and gun safety advocates can and should work together to reduce gun violence
Read "Gun owners should surrender their RKBA in the name of public safety"

In the absence of safeguards that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and distinguish between lawful and unlawful use of firearms, concerns regarding personal safety could fuel greater support for an outright ban on gun ownership.
Read "Should you not surrender some of your rights in the name of public safety we may make you surrender all of them"
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