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i thought the city couldn't resrict CHL'ers from carrying on City property.
I thought the 30.06 only applied to private businesses. But if you look at any of the Metro bus stop bench covers I think you will find a sign that says no handguns allowed or something to that effect. In fact, and I'll have to double check my manuel, I think one of the place carrying is off limits is public transportation vehicle. They can restrict you from carrying on city property. Like you can't carry in city Hall because it's a governmental building or an HISD school because it's a governmental building
Seems ridiculous I know, but you can't even carry a gun in a little post office (yes I mean the little ones about the size of a port-o-let in caution light towns), or a national park a parade or a sports event like at the Astrodome or Minute Maid park or I think even state parks.
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