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Gunnies may think or know "gun" but the libs, the one's that we are most afraid of, won't think that. They refuse to think that someone in their mist has a gun on them. It just won't compute
Well, about 10 years ago my first year in college I had a silly little old Liberal woman professor one class period substituting for the regular liberal professor. She was proud of Big Government. Alexander Hamilton was her favorite founding father becaue he wanted a centralized government and a national bank, etc. and she thought Jefferson was a country boob who couldn't write worth a flip (right, he wrote sloppy documents like the Declaration of Independence ) She thought Geo. Washington was a confused man who didn't have a clue how to deal with politics and was easily swayed by Hamilton (this is the man who beat the british and kept the independent minded sovereign states united under one banner to defeat the british) Anyway, she commented, as liberal professors are always quick to mouth off their ridiculous revolutionary opinions to young folks 18-25, once that it always scared her when she was out in traffic or in public to think about how many people around her were carrying GUNS!! . I commented in between her bantering that what scared me was that there are PEOPLE out there who are willing to try to kill me with a gun and I would be glad to have a gun to shoot back
Anyway, liberals are scared of the thought of anybody but "qualified" (meaning police, FBI, or any other government controlled individual) men out there carrying guns to protect us from all those dangerous ordinary folks out there
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