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Don't worry about it. 99.99999% of the time, no one is going to notice a bulge or a print, and even if they do, they don't think "gun".

Gunnies may think or know "gun" but the libs, the one's that we are most afraid of, won't think that. They refuse to think that someone in their mist has a gun on them. It just won't compute.

As for them seeing it in the open, that is another post . But, learn to bend at your knees. I have a bad back, I can go from walking upright to crawling within seconds if I do something wrong. One of the bad things about muscle denigration is that the smaller musles (which includes the back) are the first ones to be "eaten up". This will make the shirt or jacket move with you and not raise up.

I have just learned something from stephen426, I never thought about when I use my strong hand that it causes the jacket or tucked in shirt to either raise or to tighten around the gun... hmmm, that is why I love this place, I learn something every day.

But, honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Most of the people won't even notice. To make an analogy that I hope won't shut down the thread and this is for the men:

Have you ever got a semi HO or a full HO in public (and you don't know why, underwear hit just right, etc, etc...) and you thought the whole world saw it as you find a "safe place" to adjust? While you're walking in a panic, scanning the area and the people, no one notices? You get to a safe place, adjust, and then walk out with a sheepish look on your face and then you realized that no one noticed (and then you start to think if you are adaquate enough).

That is the exact same as carrying the gun, full sized or not. No one notices, the only one that really does is the one that is carrying the gun, that would be you.

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