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Conceal Carry on hip under coat question

For those of you who carry a handgun on your hip under a sport coat or blazer or suit, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
I carry my gun under my coat on my hip between 3 and 5 o'clock position. Ordinarily when I am walking around, you'd never know I have a gun on. However, whenever I bend over or lean over sitting down, you can see something under my coat sticking bulging through the back and side of my coat. I have been carrying in this way for about 6 months now and nobody has ever said anything to me about it. I ask my CHL instructor about it, and he said that as long as the gun is UNDER something then you are legally concealed. Doesn't matter if there is a bulge as long as the weapon is concealed. Fine with me, I want to be legal. But I'd rather have as little notice of there being a gun there as possible. A friend of mine pointed mine out to me bulging under the coat the other day. First time anybody noticed. Of course anybody familiar guns or specifically looking for it or really just anybody with a lively imagination will say "hey I'll bet that guy as a gun." Legal or not, I'd rather people not even have a guess. The CHL told me that people can tell when your carrying, there is only so much you can do, but as long as the gun is under your coat or fully in your pocket you are fine.

Anybody have any thoughts or recommendations? Anybody ever had any problems carrying this way? This is for those of you who carry in the same way I do.
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