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Some people are of the opinion that sights are useful at defensive ranges. I am not of that opinion and like i have said in my close combat experience sights were not useful.

Now I am sure you have had some situations where the sights, for YOU, were not adequate, but there is quite a base of experience where the sights were useful (example: Jim Cirillo did use his sights, on a S&W M10, and hit three robbers at close range.)

Why do people use inadequate sights? Go look at the sights of the original 1911 .45. Small thumbnail sights. Same for Colt .32s, Remington pocket autos, S&W hand ejector .32s and .38s, etc... all a carry over from the early 1900s.

Small fixed sights where the normal and I am sure encouraged alot of people to use point shooting as in anything but broad daylight and 20/20 vision they are very hard to see.

Yes even the latest M10 .38s and Colt Official Police had smaller sights (but I could see them ok myself.)

But now days you can get many a serious defensive gun with very good sights.

That is why Jeff Cooper pointed out you needed a good set of sights and a good trigger on you defensive pistol. Most else was just bells & whistles.

Revolvers with good sights? Any S&W adjustable sighted gun, like these below (both are mine.)

and two of these in this picture that also have adjustable sights that are excellent: And the third one, my old 640 Centennial, I had a red insert put in so I could see them better.

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