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God save us from the Tuller drill!!!

The 21 foot "rule" isnt a rule at all... Its a guide line. The real world is not a square range and circs change. If i have my wife with me i may not be able to avoid shooting an edged weapon assailant if he were 35' away. What about if i have my 10 year old daughter. Should i wait till the assailant is closer then 21'

All Dennis Tuller did was show in a quantifiable manner that a knife wielding attacker does not have to be able to touch you to hurt you. It had NOTHING to do with max distance he was a threat.

Back on point (pun intended). The sights exist for a reason. Just like different size hammers and wrenches. If your encounter is so close and fast that you dont need sights then you better have the skill/training/muscle memory to get good hits without them.

If your encounter requires more precision then unsighted fire permits, then you better be able to get the sights aligned to the level needed FAST

As to the civilian vs LEO vs military topic i can tell you that the physical act of gunfighting is identical. The thought process varies a little, but once its time to get on the trigger it dosent matter what "uniform" you are wearing. BDU's or cargo pants and an LL bean shirt over your armor or jeans and a t-shirt.

Everybody thinks its easier in a war zone..... It aint. BTDT

As an example... In post Bremer Iraq under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) a US cilvian contractor could be arrested, jailed, tried and sentenced to an IRAQI prison for any crimes commited in Iraq. If you think the thought of a US citizen spending even 1 day in an Iraqi jail didnt cross our minds before we dropped the hammer on some Haji... Boy are you mistaken. Now truth be told our OGA friends would have prob gotten us ut of the country if the need had arisen. But who wants to bet on that

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