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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
And in yet another example of waving a flag in front of the bull, the Department of Justice apparently released limited materials from those requested to Rep. Issa; but when Sen. Grassley's staff sought access to the same materials they were not allowed entry. I don't know what Keystone Kop thought that this was a good approach to take with a U.S. Senator; but I sure hope he keeps doing it.
I think we have identified The Fountainhead.

"I know! We'll feed Issa a little manure, and Grassley nothing at all! That'll stop 'em!"

I doubt it will work, and with the sheer number of whistleblowers and people (and their computers) in the loop on this one, any attempt to destroy the evidence will be futile. The pathetic delay tactics do make one wonder what it is they do not want to release.
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