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As most have in the past heard from their parents. "You have to watch/be careful who you associate with. Same goes for hunting. Not everyone takes their firearms handling serious. More often than not those are the individuals who are capable of making careless mistakes on occasion. {That could have had a more serious outcome.} Whenever I'm around or seen with a firearm. >Its all business with me!!<_ I don't excuse others around me who exhibit a non nonchalant behavior when handling a firearm loaded or not. If it happens. Either their gone or quietly I'm gone. Oh that fellow will still be my friend of course. Just because he handles a firearm poorly doesn't mean I don't like him altogether. I just choose not to be around him when firearms are within reach or present. A simple resolve is all that's required. No harm No foul.

As far as binoculars are concerned. I don't use them. I rely on my eyesight.
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