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Here is a neat study showing how fast reaction can actually be...

Turns out, initiated action can be slower than reaction.

Action is faster then Reaction, I just don't know how to measure it.
Once again, context is critical. Are you talking about actual action and reaction or successful completion of action and reaction where the tasks being performed by not be comparable? Action may be faster than reaction by definition, but not necessarily by application in regard to completion or success of tasks. If the time it takes for the action to start and run to completion is longer than the time of the reaction from start to completion, then the action can be beat by the reaction. The time to complete the action may be much longer than the reaction because the action may involve more tasks, tasks of longer duration, or tasks covering a greater distance.

Watch this classic misdirection ...
Right, to add greater time to the completion of the reactive task that otherwise might be shorter than the active task, things like misdirection can be used. The bad guy with the drawn gun isn't apt to make the decision to pull the trigger if he doesn't realize an action has been started against him.
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