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Originally Posted by Nordeste
Distracting the BG may be an option, but a truly resolved thug with a finger on the trigger will be quicker than you drawing. Also, throwing away my wallet so he picks it up sounds... funny. If I were the thug, it would be YOU the one picking it up. Or if it's actually a really bad person, he may just shoot you for that.
I carry a decoy wallet. Some time ago I moved to a money clip and a small business-card wallet for credit cards. The old wallet contains some very outdated cards -- none with my address on them -- for ID purposes and I usually keep about 5 one's in it along with an expired Visa Gift card that looks like a Visa card. If I pull it out of my left (weak) side rear pocket I may toss it at his feet or at his outstretched hand. There are reasons for all of this and all of them can possibly give me an advantage. It won't take acting lessons for me to appear nervous and scared when I "accidentally" drop the wallet near him or his hand and that's what he wants - fear as a compliance tool.

To address the question of how you'd actually fire... It's likely going to be very close range - 10 ft or less - so one-handed point shooting is going to be the initial mode. And since you may be forced to move laterally, including over and behind other objects, keeping one hand free for balancing will be more important that acquiring a 2 hand hold on the gun.
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