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Some thoughts...

This is just some thoughts you might want to consider. The pump idea is a good one, but it can take some time to get used to using one if you are not familiar with the action. An auto is easier to use, but can be less dependable if you don't keep it clean. Just like an automatic pistol, you have to establish it is dependable with some range time before trusting your life to it.

In your original post you said you want a gun with nice bluing and descent wood. That rules out the Benelli Nova pump (only synthetic) and the Stoeger 2000 (only matt barrels). I like the Browning BPS and the Wingmaster, but the one gun that I would recommend would be a Winchester super X2 (can be had for around $600, new) with a 26" barrel. Any shorter and it'll be hard to hunt with. Any longer and it'll be hard to use indoors for protection.

However, I would recommedn that you think about just buying two different guns, or one gun with multiple barrels. If you want as pump, get a Remington Wingmaster and an extra barrel. One barrel could be 28" (to me that's perfect for hunting) and one could be 18-24" or so. Swap them out as you see fit.

Try out the Stoeger and the Benelli if you don't mind having synthetic or parkerized or matt hardware. Both are good guns. I presently own a Benelli Nova with a 28" barrel and it's a good gun. However, extra barrels are expensive. A Mossberg 500 is also a good option. Extra barrels for the Mossberg run right at $125 each, which is CHEAP!!!

In an absolute, best of all worlds situation, you could get a nice blued automatic for hunting, and a sunthetic pump for around the house. The black synthetic and matt steel does not reflect light and would make it harder for a BG to pick you out in the dark. If you hunt ducks or hunt in bad weather, then synthetic is best for that purpose too.

I am a big fan of the Winchester Super X2. Definately look at these before making a decision.

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