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I load because I truly enjoy it, I started when I was 14 or 15 and was hooked from the get go! I load mostly large rifle, magnum rifle, and magnum pistol, there's no doubt I save a lot of money loading the calibers I do, I tend to shoot premium bullets for everything from hunting to target shooting, some of the calibers I load for would cost me a fortune to buy just 20 rounds, example being my .257 weatherby, I use weatherby brass, fed 215 primers, Hodgdon powder, and 80 grain barnes ttsx bullets, I havnt tried to figure out my cost to load 20 rounds but would guess its roughly 12 to 15 dollars, even say 20.00 tops, weatherby sells the same premium box of shells, at least bullet and cases are the same for 74.99 per 20 rounds, that's a substantial savings!!! I have a single stage press (redding big boss) so I'm not setup to load thousands of rounds at a time (I have done it) I loaded for .40 S&W and .45 auto but found it very time consuming with my setup and I could buy fairly inexpensive boxes of ammo for these calibers and they are not my forte in the first place, they are fun but something I can live without and not have hurt feelings over it! Where loading really comes in and pays for me, is my large rifle, magnum rifle, and magnum revolvers. If I were to go mainly pistol I would go a totally different route, something in the lines of a dillon
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