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Dispite what many people feel about my DPF formula, I feel that it works. It gives a very conservative result when your factoring a hollow point - since hollowpoints expand and this change the caliber dramatically.
Its kind of like the results Police get when they do what is called a "Drag Test" and determin the minimum speed a vehicle was traveling before a collision. They observe a skidmark that lead to the spot where the collision occured. They then measure the skid and use a drag weight and scale to determine resistance that the road gives in that location... they then factor the resistance, the distance and a couple other things and they find that Car X was going AT LEAST YZ MPH and thus they know who caused the crash. (This is very over simplified, I have not done that actual equation is many years).
The DPF is not going to tell you what load is the magic bullet - its just a scale you can use to compair one load to another. With all of the data collected, I am having fun looking at the DPF of these loads. I'm more of a GEEK than I thought! I'll post the DPF results a little later.

The raw data will be emailed to everyone involved/interested in "XL" format.

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