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Remember, once they start microchipping Felons in the name of "Public safety", then the next step is those who have committed misdemeanors and traffic violations. And those who enforce the law may end up microchipped as well, under the guise of "Officer safety". Welfare recipients, retirees, Alzheimer's patients, school children, gun owners, fisherman, employees, ALL will eventually be chipped, in the name of "Public" or "Personal" safety... get my point? It's a slippery slope I have ZERO interest in watching happen in the USA. Look what's happening in China with AI and facial recognition technology, social scoring, etc. Not good. Microchips for felons? No thanks. It's just wrong.

As it stands, Parolees and Probationer's report to their Probation Officers, who have their photos, tattoos, personal information on file and verify their employment, attendance at counseling, search their cell phones and apartments, monitor social media / contacts and screen them for drugs. Social security numbers, contacts, medical history, etc are ALL on file. The State even begins gathering and compiling all this data on children who are charged with minor offenses, often as young as 11 or 12. Cradle to grave, the Government is ALREADY tracking people with criminal offenses, often minor crimes from decades ago and others who are only suspected... microchips are not required. One would be shocked just how much information the State databases already hold on people. Ever buy a hunting or fishing license? Have a drivers license? File a tax return? Buy a car? Cross reference with a credit Buero report, social media profile, your online history, IP address etc. and there is ZERO need to microchip the population. They already have you figured out. Going truly "Off Grid" is just an illusion. Those days are long gone, for Felons or anyone.

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