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Originally Posted by viciouskitty View Post
Good Morning everybody,

In 2 weeks me and the wife are taking a trip from Texas to Utah to go skiing. I was planning on toting a rifle and pistol along with me just in case. We both have Chl’s and I looked at the reciprocity maps and determined that wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m wondering about magazines over 15 rounds in Colorado? Can I pass thru the state with standard capacity mags? Or am I gonna be breaking the law. Anyone have any better info on this subject?
Owning them isn't any issue. As a matter of fact, most decent LGS sell magazine 'kits' that are more than 15r..Grand fathered as below noted.
After July 1, 2013, magazines holding more than 15 rounds may not be sold, transferred, or possessed unless they were lawfully owned prior to July 1, 2013.
All mine were purchased before July 1st, 2013......

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