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I bought a new 870 WingMaster in 1966. Never did like it after I got it. I was more of a “keep up with the Jones “ purchase, everybody was buying them. M12 Wins were on the rise.
Just last week I sold my 2 M12 Wins for $550 each and got $650 for the WingMaster. I found that to be repulsive. M12 is about 4 times the gun a 870 is. I’ve only got 4 repeating shotguns left. Two Browning A5 12G, Win 1897 12G and a Rem 1100LT 20G. I never liked it either. Hasn’t had 50 shots through it.
When about 12, I bought my first deer rifle a Rem #8 in 35cal. All the adults had Rem 742 or 760s. I busted my butt to save for a 742. 2 years later got my 742 in 30/06. I can tell you I’m glad I kept my #8 too. Bought my Jam O Magic in summer of 1964, and sold right after deer season.
Milled Guns. vs Remlin Stampings ? I was agin them years ago before they started to slide because of over extension
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