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You have to do what is right for you- not me. My approach is not a model, but my approach.

I am in areas of black bears, mt lions, coyotes, and 2-legged [email protected]@hats.

When I am camping, I prefer a firearm in my tent.

Where I am camping determines what gun: 9mm, .45acp or .357mag.

Whatever gun I have, my rule is that it is in a holster and within reach, but is under a shirt of something, so that anyone 'glancing in' doesn't see anything threatening.

I don't keep an empty chamber in the revolver. I'd rather have all 6 rounds and not need them.

I don't sleep with my hand on the pistol, and i don't move a lot in my sleep.

If it is a semi-auto, my 'camping' holster is a cheap one that has a thumb break retention strap. I use this as my 'alertness' test.
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