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Lets see the 686 vs the GP`100 in resale value........before the Smiths shot up in price, in the last years I would say the Smiths would have better resale value but no longer......they have got to expensive and they will cost you more money over time... A new 686 now is around $775 a GP100 $525 thats a big difference, and the GP is every bit as good and better in some ways.... especially if you are going to shoot it a lot...the GP is a stronger gun and I`m not putting down the 686 it`s a very good gun....

I think the 686 has a slight edge in looks....I like their lower lug a little better....Collect ability I think the Smith has a little edge...Smiths always have...A half a dozen Smiths look awfully good in a collection...but it will cost a whole lot more to own those Smiths....

All taken into consideration IMO the GP100 is the better buy hands down...That's why I have 2 of them now and looking for a SP101 to add....I used to own many Smiths...Jim
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