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Not from a religious point of view, but a recent law book from Oxford Press, clearly analyzes the rationale for self-defense in Western law.

Killing in Self Defense (at Amazon) - pricey and dense but it clearly argues how the right to life trumps other rights. And that the right to protect yours is justified as an attacker than knowningly attacks you, lessens their own life's value and thus is not as worthy to preserve.

Interesting analyses also of whether you can kill to save yourself against the accidental killer or those not in their right mind (not to divert).

So if a person is pulling down a string of mountain climbers, can you cut their rope?

If a policeman accidentally identifies you as a bad guy when you charge in the mall to intervene in a rampage and is going to shoot, is it legit to shoot the officer?

Or should you sacrifice yourself?

In the first case, you make the terrible choice to save more lives. In the second, would a good person sacrifice themselves rather than take the life of the innocent but mistaken officer?
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