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jpk1187, there are some who would argue that our lives and possessions are but temporal things that do not belong to us, and that Christ never advocated the use of the sword except to defend against Him being taken before the appointed time. The passage below also makes a point:
Christ must be our great example, and he died as an innocent victim in the face of the most outrageous injustice. We should be willing to do the same. Moreover, Christ came to redeem everyone and died on behalf of all people. How can we take the life of someone for whom Christ died, especially those who have not received him as savior? To kill people robs them of the opportunity to accept Christ and know the fullness of life he brings.
Feinberg, J. S., Feinberg, P. D., & Huxley, A. (1996, c1993). Ethics for a Brave new world. Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books.

There are many different points of view among Christians. I would happily discuss all of them over lunch Sunday after church. I don't think this is the place to discuss theology, even where it relates to guns.
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