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Many members of my church support RKBA. I shoot with some, and one of the deacons has a very nice range in one of his out-buildings; others would be horrified by the thought of carrying in church, esp by the Pastor.

I have discussed this many times with christian friends, including several who are pastors. There are compelling arguments to be made on both sides based on Biblical interpretation IMO. I think the teachings of Christ support my right to keep and bear arms, others do not; some do, but don't think that right allows for carrying weapons in God's house. Augustine's quote, (he may not be the original source, but that is another discussion) "unity in necessary things; liberty in doubtful things; charity in all things" is relevant here. RKBA is certainly not a requirement for salvation, and is therefore one of those issues where charity is required IMO.

Pastor I enjoyed your video, and think you make a well reasoned argument for carrying. The only concern I have is your statement that you aren't too interested in hearing the opinions of those who disagree with you. It is only with patience and understanding that you will be able to change the minds of those who disagree with you. Peace brother.
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