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Tac Reloads

My experiance is a bit different regarding Tac reloading-we teach our Marines to keep thier weapon in the "best condition possible". For us, that means keeping as full of a magazine as possible in the rifle. We practice tac reloads quite a bit, and it's really not too cumbersome to do. As far as retaining the partially full mag, it's a natural movement to bring the left hand down to the dump pouch, drop it there and get the hand back to the rifle. It's concievable that a Marine could end up with 6 partially full mags in the dump pouch, but we also train to reload mags whenever the opportunity presents itself and return that full mag to the mag pouch. I prefer tac reloading to speed reloading-it cuts the time out of a reload; figure out why the rifle didn't fire, realize it's out of ammo, then do the reload drill as opposed to grabbing a fresh mag when there's a lull in the shooting-all it takes is 2-4 seconds-and executing a tac reload and getting back in the fight.
Admittedly, we train for the worst possible situation so that may be overkill. Train hard, fight easy has served me well for the past 20 years, though. We train on the tac reloading with an NCO behind the shooter yelling "RELOAD RELOAD RELOAD OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE!" into his ear to add stress to the drill. If a person can do it under stress, they can do it on any range anywhere. Focus and practice are the keys.

Press checks I totally disagree with. The Beretta's have a loaded chamber indicator specifically designed for that purpose. The Gov't probably paid more for that feature. I don't see the point. Even with a weapon without a loaded chamber indicator, every shooter that knows thier weapon (and any person that owns a gun should) knows the difference in feel and sound when a round is being chambered and when it isn't. I've shot tens of thousands of rounds out of the M16/M4 and M9's and done thousands of magazine changes, and know whether a round chambered or not. If an average guy like me can do it, anyone can.
In my opinion, the press check is an unneeded extra step that has the potential to put the weapon in a worse firing condition for doing it.

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