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I have never concerned myself with sensitivity in the powder. My hunting loads are generally developed in early to mid spring. If the temp outside is 70* plus, I'm not hunting in it any way. Same thing with the cold. If it get's down about 20* and a bit of wind, I'm in the house watching a ball game! My only varmint/predator rifles now are both 243's and I pretty much shoot them even on the 70* + days but not on the 20* days. I found in 308's there's several powder's that work really well. IMR4064, H335, BL-C/2, W748 and I've heard IMR4350 is good to, never tried it. Didn't seem to matter which of those powder's I used, they just worked well. I think if for some insane reason I was to go hunting somewhere where the temp even hit 80*, much less 100*, I'd work loads up late spring to mid summer.
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