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300 yds

For deer, inside 300 yds, I'd speculate that the .243/6mm is running neck and neck with the 6.5 CR in terms of killing power. Beyond that, the 6.5' CR's advantages of flatter trajectory at longer ranges is well known. For most of us, me certainly, I shoot my whitetails at far shorter ranges,mostly well under 100, and the advantage of heavier bullets and flatter long range just don't matter when Bambi is 62 yds away.

The trick with the .243 is proper bullets. I'm a fan of the 100 gr Partition. I'm not stuck on the 100 gr weight, as long as the selected slug is for big game and is "toughened" in some manner. I do not thing a premium slug is necessary for whitetails in bigger calibers, but the .243 projectile is comparatively small, and some strengthening helps. The bonded bullets like the Accutip would be another, as well as the tough mono-alloy types. Avoid the lighter varmint slugs.

The 6.5CR is getting a lot of press, and it's long range advantages are now well accepted. Guys are buying them left and right. But for most whitetail hunters, I see no real advantage over the other short action calibers in hunting use.
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