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agree with JIM... but some of them make pretty good project guns...

generally the Egyptian guns are litterally sand blasted from use, & most markings, & original lines are severely worn... often in that condition, they aren't much good for anything ( lamps maybe ) if all the markings are still there, & they aren't too worn, they can get cleaned up, but almost always require some freshening... & as far as guns go, they are pretty easy to rebarrel / rechamber to a more shootable cartridge ( although it should still be a black powder pressure cartridge )

the Cresent moon on the left side at the top is barely visible through the wear & the paint, but it is there, so I agree with you assessment that it's Egyptian...

often the pins & lots of the action pieces have become loose from use in the gritty environment...

mine required fitting new pins for accuracy on this build, but here is mine ( with no paint )

it was originally converted to a bench rest gun in the 60's, & I found it gathering dust in the corner of the local toy store... it was wearing some pretty impressive wood, & is a #1 black powder action, but had some #5 smokeless parts added & had been chambered in 225 Winchester ( which was way too hot for the reciever )

here is an old thread, with several other pics...
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