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Thanks for the link. Thats actually the first site i saw when i started looking. A bit of history about it, but not as much stuff as i could find for the mosin. I figured out a bit more by opening the search and looking for remington rolling block info. More sites for that.

I didn't think this was something super, but better to ask then to find out i messed something 'good' up. I figure i have a few choices: Rebuild and get stuck with a caliber that is expensive and rare, or rebuild and rebarrel to something not as rare. Of course, i guess i could try the first and always graduate to the second. I'd like to strip that paint off and see what marking got painted over. I think i can see the cresent moon on the left side of the reciever but the paint is just so thick on this thing. Eh... the Valley Forge gun show is coming up, maybe i'll hold off and take it up there and see if maybe i can get a better idea of parts and such for it.
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