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Egyptian Rollingblock

My father in law gave me a few old rifles that were former wall hangers at his mothers house. He passed them on to me, and i've been working on ID'ing them and trying to figure out what i want to do with them. One i found out was a Mosin, and i've since re-built it back to working order. The second i've ID'd as what i belive to be an Egyptian Remington Rolling Block (lots of funky writing on the top of the barrel and reciever). With the Mosin-Nagant i found tons of info, but with the egyptian rolling block not as much. Much of it appears to be rusty, but all the parts appear to still move and operate. I think the firing pin is broken, but not much else appears to be missing. It looks like it has been painted black, but with what kind of paint i don't have a clue. The wood is ok, but not flawless or anything. Is this something i should just leave alone, or is this something that would be ok to strip back down and build back up to working order? Personally, i rather have guns that function than something to just show on a wall, but at the same time i don't want to mess up something that might be worth more as an antique. From looking around these don't appear to be worth too much.

If i were to rebuild it, were the recievers blued or treated with some other coating? They don't look blue in most photos and right now everything is painted black. And if i'm reading correctly, the .43 Egyptian round was a black powder cartidge, correct?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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