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Maybe you're going about cleaning it wrong. Pop the barrel off, stick the breech in a bucket of soapy water. Put a tight fitting patch on a jag and work it up and down the full length of the bore a few times. The suction will draw water up the bore and push it back out the nipple. Change patches and do it again. When clean water is coming out remove the barrel and wipe it down and run a few dry patches through it. Then spray WD-40 down it and follow with another couple of patches. Then run a patch with a thin layer of bore lube on it. Wipe the outside with an oily rag and set it aside. Personally I don't remove the lock every time. I run a wet toothbrush over it and wipe it down with an oily rag. Put it back together and wipe everything down again and you're done. Won't take much longer to do than it did to read this.
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